Episode 014RELIX

Mike Greenhaus gives us an amazing perspective on how Relix magazine has been involved in and crucial to the jam scene since its inception.


Produced by: Tom Marshall & Mark Dowd
Edited by: Tom Marshall
Theme Music: Tom Marshall & Anna Marshall

Other Music: Jingo“, Carlos Santana (Santana), 1997, Live at the Fillmore 1968

Miserable Bastard“, John Popper (John Popper Project), 1999, Zygote

Heavy Rotation“, Page McConnell (McConnell) 2007, Page McConnell

Skip the Goodbyes“, Amfibian, (Marshall/Krizan), 2007, Skip the Goodbyes

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 1“, Flaming Lips (Flaming Lips), 2002, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Time to Pretend“, MGMT (MGMT), 2007, Oracular Spectacular

Happy Birthday“, (Phish/Crowd), 9/29/1999, The Pyramid, Memphis, TN

Tweezer“, Phish (Phish), 7/31/2013, Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, Stateliness, NV

Corrections and Clarifications:
It was not Susan Sarandon who was backstage at Phish for her son, but rather Melanie Griffith backstage for her daughter who is a huge fan. We regret the error.

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