Episode 038 Federal Donuts

I interview Felicia D’Ambrosio, one of the partners of Federal Donuts who supplied all the donuts for Phish’s Baker’s Dozen shows July and August 2017. We learn about stairwells, Neil Young, and that holes are a flavor.

Produced by: Tom Marshall & Mark Dowd
Edited by: Tom Marshall
Theme Music: Tom Marshall & Anna Marshall

Other Credits:

Sample in a Jar, Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 7/25/2017, MSG, NY, NY
Pigtail, Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 7/21/2017, MSG, NY, NY
Moma Dance, Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 7/22/2017, MSG, NY, NY
Strawberry Letter 23, Phish (The Brothers Johnson), 7/22/2017, MSG, NY, NY
It’s Ice, Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 7/23/2017, MSG, NY, NY
You Sexy Thing, Phish (Hot Chocolate), 7/28/2017, MSG, NY, NY
Sunshine of Your Feeling, Phish (Cream/Boston), 8/5/2017, MSG, NY, NY