Episode 027Tale of Two Songs

Tom puts the songwriting and recording process under the microscope with two co-writers and two new songs.


Produced by: Tom Marshall & Mark Dowd
Edited by: Tom Marshall
Theme Music: Tom Marshall & Anna Marshall

Other Credits

Skip the Goodbyes“, Amfibian (Krizan/Marshall), 2007, from Skip the Goodbyes

Throw Your Line“, Anthony Krizan (Krizan/Marshall), 2016, from Dust and Bone

Pieces” Amfibian (Krizan/Marshall), 2007, from Skip the Goodbyes

Limbo” Cal Kehoe (Kehoe/Marshall), 2017

Limbo Official Music Video

Traveler” Trey Anastasio Band (Anastasio/Marshall), 2012, from Traveler

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