Episode 018Benjy Eisen Part 2

The second half of the Benjy Eisen interview in which we cover Phish and Reed Mathis…oh, and life and lyrics.


Produced by: Tom Marshall & Mark Dowd
Edited by: Tom Marshall
Theme Music: Anna Marshall and Tom Marshall
Other Music: 
Fast Enough for You” Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 1993, from Rift

No Men in No Man’s Land” Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 2016, from Big Boat

Nothing” Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 6/17/2004, Keyspan Park, Coney Island, NY

Sleep” Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 2000, from Farmhouse

Crowd Control” Phish (Anastasio/Marshall), 2004, from Undermind

In Memory of a Great Man” Reed Mathis feat. Mike Gordon & Joe Russo (Beethoven) 2016, from Beathoven