Episode 003 Tapers

Co-hosts RJ and Jonathan and I take a DEEP DIVE into Tapers. Tapers are a huge part of Phish’s history…but what are they? Who are they? Let’s find out. Take a deep breath and jump in with us.


Produced by: Tom Marshall & Mark Dowd
Edited by: Tom Marshall
Theme Music: Amfibian
Other Music: “What’s the Use?” Phish, Live at Magnaball Festival, Watkins Glen, NY, 8/23/2015, lossless on bt.etree.org
Fluffhead” Anasatasio/Pollack,Clifford Ball Festival, Plattsburgh, NY,  8/17/1996,lossless on bt.etree.org

Other Credits

Helping Friendly Podcast
Jack Riley Photography

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