Episode 005 PhantasyTour

Paul Glace, founder of PhantasyTour.com, is featured. We discuss the site’s origins and how it grew to the incredible Phish fan destination it is today.

Episode 004Timer

I interview David Steinberg, long-time Phish fan and the band’s unofficial statistician.  He’s an author and extreme long-distance touring expert.

Episode 003 Tapers

Co-hosts RJ and Jonathan and I take a DEEP DIVE into Tapers. Tapers are a huge part of Phish’s history…but what are they? Who are they? Let’s find out. Take a deep breath and jump in with us.

Episode 002 Riding the Rail

Derek Gregory joins me in the studio to discuss his extensive experience with Phish…he likes it up close to the band. Real close. I try to figure out the hows and whys of “riding the rail” as it’s called.